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Highty Tighty Alumni Database

Alumni Database

Select the Highty Tighty class you wish to view and click Submit

We have two methods for adding and editing information in the database. The first option is for alumni to add/edit their own record. The link below allows you to select your class and then your name. (Select "Name Not Listed" to add a new record) Your current info is displayed in a form for review. Make the necessary changes and click submit. This process DOES NOT update live data. This temporary record must be processed into the table you see on line. This policy is simply to limit access to live data. Drop George McMichael a note to expedite your update.

The second method works much the same as the first except that it updates live data real time. Access to this method is password protected and limited to designated HTA members. Again -- just trying to keep a handle on data security.

Click Here to submit database updates or addtionsCl
Click Here to edit database records live on-line (Requires username/password)Cl






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