Highty-Tighty Reunion 2019  



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(Homecoming, Y'all - Homecoming)

Virginia Tech vs. University of North Carolina

  October 18-19 2019


Reunion Details

Updated with current information as of 10/10/2019

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Band practice will be in the new football practice facility, and it will begin at 7:30pm. (Be there by 7:00 to pick up football tickets, nametags and hats) This is an impressive building, and you will enjoy seeing it.  Be sure to wear sneakers that evening. Also, please be sure to stay on sidewalks. Do not walk on the outdoor practice field as you proceed to the indoor practice field. Click HERE for a map to its location.  It’s location has been circled in red.   Please park in the Coliseum parking lot, circled in yellow, and give yourself time to walk over to the facility behind the Coliseum. Stay tuned for the parking pass. You must vacate the lot by 10:00pm.

9:30pm...Gunnyfest at the Hilton Garden Inn. This is the same great place we had it last year. The address for your GPS is 900 Plantation Road, Blacksburg. It’s off of Prices Fork Road, just past the bypass.

Thanks to Dirk McComsey for all of his work setting up our alumni party, Gunnyfest.

SATURDAY October 19

Parade will begin at 9:00am, so please be there NLT 8:30am at the latest.  We will gather where we have the last few years, which is the near where the old high school/middle school used to be.  The street there off of Main Street is Earhart Street.  Go up that street to the first steet to the right, which is Church Street.  We will be forming up on that street.  We will march within the Corps as we have the past few years.  The parade will end on the Drillfield, and there will be an opportunity for photographs.  Alumni who are unable march the entire parade may join the Highty-Tighty Alumni Band at the Main Street end of the Mall, and march down the Mall with us.  Instruments are not required to march in the parade, but if you do not have an instrument, please march at the back of the block.  You must be in the HTAB uniform to participate.  This includes your HT sweater, khaki paints, the HTAB hat, which can be purchased for $10.00 at band practice or at the parade, a dress shirt or blouse, and a tie for the men.  Dark shoes are also required.   It does not matter if you can still play or not.  If you can’t, simply carry your instrument, or march at the back of the block without one.

9:40 a.m. HT alumni band arrives at the drillfield for pictures

10:00 a.m...Free time to socialize

11:15 a.m. Meal and Meeting: D2 in Dietrick Hall

1:00 p.m....Hokie Walk with the HTS

2:45 p.m. Form up for pregame. (Enter southwest tunnel to access field).
Pre-game  We will need to be over in Lane Stadium by 2:45pm to get lined up for the pre-game show.  It will take some time to line up with the alumni forming ranks inside the present band, so we need a little extra time.  You do not have to attend band practice to participate in the pre-game, although it is recommended.  Band practice IS mandatory for the drum majors and front rank.  For everyone else, as long as you can follow the person in front of you, you’ll be fine.  Again, you don’t need to be able to actually play your instrument, but you must be in the full HTAB band uniform as indicated above.  If you are not carrying an instrument, you can march at the back of an alumni file in the block.  

We will enter the field through the tunnel at the southwest end of the field.  As long as you’re in uniform, you do not need a ticket, although if you don’t you will be expected to leave immediately after the pre-game is over.  You can watch the game in Owens Hall or privately on TV if you wish.  

3:30 p.m..Kickoff for game vs. UNC

We will not be rushed this year, thanks to a better kickoff time for the game.  If the weather is the nice fall weather in Blacksburg we all love, it should be a GREAT homecoming.  Make your final plans to attend now!

Highty-Tighty Homecoming is always a fun and rewarding event.  Come and enjoy it with us!



Please note the "uniform" for the HTAB is the same standard dress we have used for many years, and you must be in that uniform to march with us at the parade and pre-game.  Anything is OK for band practice.  Well, not "anything," but you know what I mean! Here are the details if you are new to the alumni band:

Male:  Highty-Tighty monogram sweater, HTAB hat, white shirt with tie (preferably a hokie tie), khaki slacks, and black or dark shoes.  On the sweater, the wearing of the Highty-Tighty alumni pin and other pins from you time in the Highty-Tighties and the military is not only permitted but encouraged so long as it is done in a tasteful manner.
Female:  Same as for the males, but a white blouse replaces the white shirt and no tie is required.

No tennis shoes - no jeans - no silly hats, etc. We are still Highty Tighties, y'all!



You can download music directly from here. Click the links below.


There have been some problems with borrowing sweaters over the years so that practice has been discontinued. Alumni who wish to purchase a sweater can contact Dean Miller at the taylor shop. If you don't have your monogram it could get more complicated, but let us know what you wish to do -- anything is possible if you allow enough time and of course enough $$$$$$$.

Ticket prices:

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Contact Info:

Questions about tickets, the banquet, payment, etc. contact:

Col. Patience Larkin
Associate Director for Corps Alumni Programs
141 Lane Hall, Virginia Tech
280 Alumni Mall
Blacksburg VA 24061

Phone contact is (540) 231-7431